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Streamlined and Efficient Project Management Platform, perfect for Small Business Operations

ELEVATED HUB offers a streamlined Project Management solution tailored for small businesses, seamlessly capturing project details, managing tasks, and facilitating project progress from inception to completion. Our intuitive project management system ensures effortless tracking of tasks and milestones, providing management with real-time insights into project development.

Whether opting for a unified project timeline or dividing by project team or task type, our flexible project management system adapts to your unique processes. Should your business require specific customisation, our platform is readily adjustable to accommodate your needs.

ELEVATED Project Management is fully customisable to reflect your brand identity, and with our Elevated Onboarding Support, we ensure a seamless integration, guaranteeing the success of your project management implementation.

Delivered as an online platform with a simple monthly subscription, ELEVATED HUB eliminates the need for internal IT adjustments, allowing access from any location with secure login credentials.

Project Management

ELEVATED Project Management Features and Cost

Project Management



Billed per user / month

Minimum 5 users



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