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Our Manufacturing Solutions

DLM Showcase

Dynamic Load Monitoring
Calibration and Repair System

DLM are specialists in the design, manufacture, repair and calibration of Load Monitoring and Cable Working Equipment for the offshore, renewable energy, marine, subsea and lifting & rigging industries.

In the past 30 years, DLM have become internationally known for their high-quality product range.

In 2022, DLM began pioneering a series of measures to adopt greener practices. The first part of this initiative is to digitalise the calibration department, empowering employees to adopt completely paperless working.


A high quality cloud based software application has been developed to manage and streamline DLM’s complex calibration process. Compatible with all popular web browsers and Android tablets, the bespoke digital solution has transformed DLM’s paper system.


Our UX team created unique views and dashboards for different user types to be able to input and track the state and progress of all the equipment in for calibration. A swimlane feature dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the loadcells repair journey from booking in to dispatching back to the customer. Automated form completion and creation of documentation will save team members time and effort.


Hosted In Azure for security and scalability, the app delivers real-time monitoring and reporting to enable smart decision making on demand.

Warehouse showcase

Manufacturing Client
Operations System


Our customer, with production across 5 sites was looking for business efficiencies. One the biggest pain points was efficiently managing the timesheets and payments for the Piece Part Production team. As with all manual operations, some production team are quicker than others and are therefore rewarded on volumes completed. The business aim was to move from a paper recording to a digital system – this would relieve days of manual calculation for the accounts team whilst enabling detailed reporting from the digital data.


Timesheet entry is a requirement across all industries but is especially prevalent in Manufacturing. 

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